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If you’re looking for the best remortgage offer, then using our comparison website ensures you get the best deal for you. We pass your details to FCA approved mortgage advisers, who’ll search the market to provide the best quote available.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I remortgage?

The reason for remortgaging will be down to your own personal circumstances. You might want to help other family members, perhaps with a deposit so they can purchase a property. Or it could be that you’d like to get a better interest rate or else consolidate some debts. You might even want to raise funds for a business venture. Whatever your reason, or combination of reasons, True Remortgage is here to help.



Why should I choose True Remortgage?

Because you’ll be joining thousands of others who have secured the best remortgage deal through our service. Once you’ve provided a few basic details, we’ll match you with the right FCA regulated advisers. They’ll then give you impartial, professional advice – and the best possible remortgage options based on your circumstances.



How much does the True Remortgage service cost?

Absolutely nothing. We don’t charge a fee, and only if you decide to proceed will you incur costs. Our FCA regulated partners will explain their fees in advance, so you’ll be under no obligation to pay until you go ahead. Just fill in the form to get to the next stage.


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** 1.83% with Skipton Building Society. Property value of £350k Loan amount £210k (60%). Fixed rate until 31.08.2023. APRC = 3.7%. These amounts are subject to change and charges apply to each mortgage contract. The consultation service is free. If you then choose to go with that mortgage recommendation, there is a fee of £1995


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